Maintenance FAQ

1. Toilet is overflowing - If jiggling the handle does not stop the water from overflowing the bowl, please turn the valve on the left side of the toilet to the right to stop the water flow.

2. Toilet is clogged - Insert a plunger into the toilet at a slight angle, covering the drain.  Hold onto the plunger handle with both handles and slowly, but forcefully, plunge the drain.

3. Garbage disposal is jammed - On the side or bottom of the garbage disposal is a re-set button.  In many cases, the disposal simply needs to be re-set.  To prevent further issues, do not put oil, grease, bones or rice down the disposal.  Ice and lemon juice will help to clean the disposal.  A good rule-of-thumb is to avoid putting any non-food items or items you would not eat, into the disposal.

4. Electrical outlet has suddenly stopped working - In many instances, there is an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch or GFCI.  Please try the switches in the room or re-set the GFCI receptacle.

5. Suds and water are coming out of the dishwasher - Dishwashing machine soap is designed to not foam or produce bubbles.  If there are any bubbles coming out of the front of the dishwasher, it is possible that some of the dish soap used in the sink to pre-rinse the dishes was not completely rinsed from the dishes.  Please turn off your dishwasher.  To prevent future problems, run hot water in the sink before use, rinse dishes before loading and do not overload the dishwasher or stack the dishes too tightly.

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